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Uncharted 4, 2016 like a Hollywood production

Who of us as a kid wasn’t a full for Drake’s adventures? I was, I confess. But always I felt there was something missing in the game. What was it?  The last edition has impressed it to me. I was the quality of editing. Indeed, it required “The Last of Us” director and new generation consoles to finally sense the sense;) of the game!

Only now I could see all of the things that in the Sir Francis’ story were the most important! Playing the game don’t miss the optional talks to other characters. They are perfectly directed! Apart from  that I must devote a few words for the aesthetics. To be honest I don’t know another game that would deserve the attention more then “Uncharted 4” regarding aesthetic question.

The characters’ motions and performance capture were tracked synchronously with the dialogues. The final effect will just prostrate you. I need to pay tribute to the designers who have couched the background in so many details that it’s gonna be really hard to cap it. They say that the Uncharted action scenes are just a poetry.

The noise of cracked glass, squeezing car bodies and bombs exploding with the unbelievable visual effects makes you feel like in in totally different world, somewhere in the middle of a city full of bad people, guns and grenades. If you suffer for a lack of emotions, this game is just for you. It’s hart to imagine that the small story about some guy’s small adventures evolved to a full action blockbuster!

Well, it’s hardly surprising since the production contains all the best that a high level game may consist.