What’s going on

Welcome! If you are a games buff you are in the right place! Since you are already here you must be just like me an avid gamer. I am indeed and that’s why I set up this site.

I wanna share my passion with others. No matter whether you have a bee in your bonnet about computer, video or board games or you’re totally not into it. It’s ok, id doesn’t matter. You can become into it 😀 Trust me if you are already reading this post it means you are interested in games at least a little bit and that means you do have and aptitude for becoming a serious gamer!

Ok, let’s get straight to the point. On this site I review different games, mostly computer ones. I follow novelties and obviously try them out. As often as I have time for it I review a part of them in my posts on this blog. The reason why I do this is to popularise good games. People often misinterpret games. Many of us still think that playing games is only a waste of time. But only few people know that playing games can contribute your working and learning capability. Researches has proved that playing strategic games that require your increased attention improve your coordination and concentration.

Wouldn’t you agree with me then that parents instead of punishing their kids for too long hours spending by the computers should be more into the game world and find some developing for the children? I think so. Why not make a virtue of necessity?

Well, apart from the recency I also reviewed a few old classics. Check it out and don’t forget to leave your comment. Don’t hesitate to share with me your observations about the games I review. I appreciate every notice! Thanks!